Master, 7th Dan

Master Alex has been with Yi's Karate of Cherry Hill for over 20 years as our senior instructor. After decades of experience training under Kwan Jang Nim Yi, we’re thrilled to have his expertise in our  classes.  He has a gift for making children feel comfortable and appreciated, and for making the adults work hard.


Master, 5th Dan

Master Robinson has been training for nearly 20 years. As an instructor, he is known for his firm, consistent, and encouraging direction of the children's classes.  He is committed to providing students with the skills and tools necessary to continue their learning journey to black belt and beyond.


Instructor, 2nd Dan

Mister Telschow (aka Mr. T), brings a fresh perspective and a lot of energy to his classes.  (He is also outranked by his child)  He can be found here on Saturday mornings for Little Dragons and Family Class.


Instructor, 2nd Dan

Mrs. Telschow is the most junior of our instructors and is grateful for the support of her "karate family"


Instructor, 3rd Dan

Be prepared for an excellent workout when you attend Mr. Semon's class.  He has a keen eye for detail and teaches his classes with endless encouragement and patience.  But he will make you sweat....a lot.  Catch him here on Tuesday evenings for the adult class.


Master, 5th Dan

Please welcome Master May as our newest instructor! Come to his adult classes on Wednesday evenings for a great work out and excellent practical tips on self defense and sparring.